What will the course cover?

1. Laws

2. Salon hygiene, sanitisation / health & safety
3. Contra- actions & indications & client care
4..Anatomy of The Eye.

5. Lashes, Styling and the lash menu.
6. Products and Equipment.

7. lash adhesive theory
8. Consultation Process.
9. Treatment Procedure

10. Aftercare
11. Infills and removal

12. Photos and marketing

Will I need to bring anything?

All materials and lunch will be provided on the day. All students will receive a workbook to reinforce learning and access to our tutorial videos and online support group.

You Will Also Receive a Full Starter Kit With Over £190 Worth 0f Products!

This includes...

Flat Lash Guide - Your go to manual and lash bible!

Gold Flat Lash 7mm - £15.00
Gold Flat Lash 8mm - £15.00
Gold Flat Lash 9mm - £15.00
Gold Flat Lash 10mm - £15.00
Gold Flat Lash 11mm - £15.00

Superior Lashes Ultra Bond Glue - £20.00
Superior Lashes Primer - £10.00
Superior Lashes Protein Remover Wipes - £10.00
Superior Lashes Cream Glue Remover - £10.00


1 lash tile - £15.00

1 lash mirror - £5.00
1 pair pro straight Tweezers - £5.00
1 pair pro curved Tweezers - £5.00
1 pair pro narrow Tweezers - £5.00

1 pair super pro isolating tweezers - £10.00
10 pairs of eye pads - £10.00
25 Mascara wands - £5.00
1 Glue Jade stone - £4.00
1 Micropore Tape - £2.50
10 Surgeons Masks - £4.00

Courses are priced at £350

We also offer a payment plan, pay a deposit of £150 on the first month, followed by 2 payments of £100 on the following months.

Course dates for 2017

Friday 17th March - 2 places left

Friday 14th April - 2 places left

Friday 12th May - 2 places left

Friday 19th June - 2 places left

Friday14th July - 2 places left

Friday18th August - 2 places left

Friday 8th September - 2 places

Friday13th October - 2 places left

Friday 10th November - 2 places left

Book now

Eyelash Extensions are a seriously growing industry. Semi permanent lashes are an addictive treatment with instant and amazing results. The demand for eyelash extensions is only set to grow and it wont be long before everyone is having them done. With low start up costs and low products cost the potential for earning is huge. What's more Eyelash Extensions
allow a flexible schedule where you can choose the hours you want to work with your pay per hour being higher than you could imagine. You can make in 2 hours what would take a well paid professional all day.

Sound appealing? So How does this work?

Unicorn Lashes offers bespoke training in London. It's a package which includes

- 1 day intensive training course (classes are small 2 people max to ensure you get real one on one training).

- A full starter kit worth over £190 with enough lashes and glue to do over 30 full sets (that's over (£1000 in potential earnings). You can even upgrade your kit to include more.

- Access to our online learning portal, full of tutorial videos and a support group.

- A practical exam which ensures your certification.

- a Pro ID which will give you 10% off our shop forever more!

P4290272 (2)
P4290272 (2)
The Lash Menu
The Lash Menu
dollar dollar
dollar dollar
Convetional Eyelash Extension (1)
Convetional Eyelash Extension (1)
Untitled design
Untitled design
Really enjoyed my training today with _frankiewiddows highly recommend her training! Next level real
Really enjoyed my training today with _frankiewiddows highly recommend her training! Next level real
practice lashes
practice lashes
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ib pp